Trekking in Sardinia

From The Highland Plains Of Golgo To Cala Goloritzè

Duration: 3.00
Hours Level: 850 m
Grade of difficulty: easy

The route is to be found in the territory of Baunei. It begins at the plains of Golgo, easily reached by following the signs from the centre of Baunei.
The pathway which leads into the splendid Cal Goloritzè is one of only a few that can be taken without a guide, signposted and marked on the ground by limestone. This is an easy excursion across a territory which has been inhabited by man for centuries, with respect for the total harmony of the environment.
You will discover an unconventional Sardinia far from the cliché of mass tourism, you will enjoy a splendid view and immersed in the perfumes of the Mediterranean undergrowth you will find yourself encompassed by the magic and harmony of this territory.
We recommend hiking boots although good trainers are also sufficient.


Trekking In The Gorroppu Canyon

Duration: 4 Hours
Level: 650 m
Grade of difficulty: medium

This excursion goes into the territory of Urzulei, a mountain village at around twenty-five kilometres from Arbatax.
Take the S.S. 125 to the centre of Lotzorai and follow the signs for Talana-Urzulei, at a height of 183 km above the “Jenna Silana” Pass (1,050 m) where you can leave your car. To the left of the road, it is easy to identify the entry point to a well-marked pathway.
The floor of the Gorroppu Throat, one of the deepest canyons in Europe, created by the waters of the Rio Flumineddu, can be reached after a walk of around two hours. Formed by the eroding action of water over the course of millions of years, the canyon offers a bewitching landscape scene. Also extremely suggestive is the contrast between the green of the oak forests and the white of the rocks.
The feelings you get inside the canyon, with its ravines, crags and potholes of majestic proportions, fenced in by the high walls, are not easy to describe. If you do not have experience in this type of excursion, we recommend you book a guided tour.


The Heel Of Tisiddu

Duration: 2.30 h
Level: 240 metres
Difficulty: easy

The Heel of Tisiddu is a dolomitic limestone peak, so-called for its boot heel-type formation, overlooks the village of Ulassai at a height of almost a thousand metres.
Hiking towards the highest peak, named Bruncu Matzei, is a walk of around 2 ½ hours, made easy by a well-made pathway. It begins with a well-trodden path which starts from the edge of Ulassai, for those coming from Jerzu, winding to the east, towards a junction from where you follow the indications for Bruncu Matzei and on towards the heights through an uncontaminated habitat where the secular oak forests are home to many species of animals such as the royal eagle and the mouflon.
The breath-taking view from the peak, on the clearest days, stretches from the top of the Gennargentu mountains right to the coastline of Tortolì.
On the return leg, follow the same path until the junction, where it is possible to re-enter the village or follow the signs for “ discesa Barigau”, along the narrow but wonderful “Su Stampu” pass, or follow the western face of the mountain along the longer “Scala de Pedru” pass.