Trips to the Caves

We recommend two itineraries for the discovery of exemplary underground beauty in the heart of an ancient land which is millions of years in the making.


A visit to the caves of Su Marmuri in Ulassai

Expert guides will accompany you inside the caves of Su Marmuri, one of the most important sites in Europe, over a kilometre in length and an average height of thirty-five metres, rich in delicate concretions, stalactites and stalagmites of the most peculiar forms and the dwelling place of rare species such as the Geotriton. The guides will take you on a tour of discovery of the surrounding area, you can visit the forest adjacent to the caves where, following the pathways, you cross a wide highland plain to the Stilettoes, of a rectangular form which make the panorama unique and unforgettable. In the restaurant close to the caves you can sample tasty traditional Sardinian cuisine.


A visit to the Grotta del Fico

A splendid underground cavity, which opens at seven metres above sea level on the limestone cliffs of the Gulf. A guided tour along walkways which provide absolute safety so as to follow the fossilised bed of an ancient river. The cave, discovered at the end of the Fifties, has an important relevance both geologically and naturally. You can book a visit every day by boat departing from the port of Arbatax.