Excursions by Boat

The most beautiful sea excursions on the coast of Ogliastra

The boat represents the only way to reach and admire one of the wildest and most beautiful coastlines in Sardinia. Imposing cliffs overlooking the sea alternate between coves and beaches which look out onto seas of unique colours. The inaccessibility of the coast by land has aided in the conservation of a natural habitat, with flora rich in native species, where precious species of wildlife exist and make their nests. You have various options as to how to find this paradise: if you are skilled in sailing you can hire a boat, or yacht or even convenient motor dinghies.
We recommend the daily excursion, with lunch on-board, with the Helios Quinto, a sixteen-metre yacht, built entirely of wood, which can comfortably accommodate up to 25 people. Departure is at around 8 a.m., when a minibus will pick you up directly from the Residence to take you to the docking bay where you will be welcomed on board by the crew. Immediately after leaving the port of Arbatax you will leave behind the lake of Tortoli, the pine groves on the beaches of Girasole and Lotzorai, and the sandy shores of Santa Maria Navarrese to the left and the Isle of Ogliastra to the right.
The boat proceeds towards Pedralonga, a peak of 127 metres which dominates the Gulf. After just a few miles, you will find yourselves faced by the splendid Grotta dei Colombi and then Capo Monte Santo, the point which divides the Gulf of Ogliastra from the Gulf of Orosei. From this point, the coast alternates between high cliffs, inlets and coves, with beaches of tiny white pebbles. The first stop is at the Grotta della Contessa, which you will visit via motor dinghy, and there you will be stunned by the crystal-clear waters and the rock formations. The journey proceeds towards Cala Goloritzè, named as a natural monument, with its arc of rock over the sea and the limestone needle which stretches to 120 metres above sea level. You then go northwards with a stop at Cala dei Gabbiani to enjoy the sun and sea. During your stop-off on the beach, passengers are given umbrellas and ice-cold water.
At around 12.00, the dinghy will take you to the Spiaggia degli Innamorati for a refreshing dip in the waters which are made less salty thanks to underwater streams of freshwater which spring from the ocean floor. At 13.00, all passengers make themselves comfortable at the table to sample a lunch of fresh fish taken from the Gulf served by the crew. After coffee, a relaxing break of two hours on the beach of Cala Mariolu, to dedicate to sunbathing and the discovery of the beguiling cove or you can take a guided tour of the Grotta del Fico. At 16.00, you climb back on board to visit the Grotta Turchese which concludes the itinerary.
On the return leg, you can enjoy some further sunbathing or stay in the shade, certainly content in the realisation of having spent a day to remember. If you are not taken with the idea of spending the whole day at sea, you can always take a half-day excursion via dinghy departing at around 8.15 a.m. from the Residence by minibus towards the setting-off point at the tourist marina of Arbatax.
The initial route is the same as that described above although there are no stops or visits to the Grotta dei Colombi, you pass by Cala Mariolu to Cala Luna to enjoy the sun and sea and to relax in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of the Mediterranean. Return to the port is around 13.30.
If you want to explore the beautiful coast of Sardinia in a different way you can opt for a half day or a full day cruise with a sailing boat.
An experienced skipper will take you along the shore line and show you hidden sandy coves and beaches, fascinating caverns and steer cliffs, not easily reachable on foot, in a personalised trip for you and your children.
For more information please contact the reception, we will give you all details for “Sunrisesailing”, who will organise a personalised cruise completely in line with your desires.