Diving and Snorkeling


Our coastline is the ideal place for diving.
The rare beauty and the wonderful colours of the seabed with its marine life will not fail to move you. If you are skilled in diving, you can go on a discovery of the numerous underwater caves which open up along the Ogliastra coast and the great variety of species which inhabit our waters: the Poseidon meadows, the eye-catching red and yellow gorgonia, the groupers, the lobsters, coral, or explore the relics of ships sunk long ago. We recommend only that you respect the habitat and closely follow safety procedures.
If you are not an expert diver but do not wish to pass up the opportunity to take a look at the sea bed do not worry, the instructors of the Mediterranea Diving centre offer courses and will take you to discover the underwater world.



Snorkeling is swimming on the surface with the aid of fins, masks and snorkels, a simple and enjoyable way to admire the wonders of the marine world ready to show itself in all its splendour: by swimming on the surface, you will be fascinated by an underwater world rich in colours and surprises.
Snorkelling can be done by anyone, without age barriers, needing only a good dose of curiosity along with masks, fins and marking balls. By adhering to the safety measures indicated, it is possible to enjoy snorkelling anywhere.
It is also possible, by speaking to the staff at reception, to organise trips to the sea with an instructor who will accompany you and give you all the indications necessary and provide all equipment needed.